About Medway Mulch and Loam

Medway Mulch and Loam has been proudly serving Medway and surrounding communities since 2002. We have all the mulch and landscaping materials you will need for any job. We provide delivery for residential customers & Pickup or Delivery for commercial clients.

Medway Mulch and Loam has all the materials you will need for landscaping, paver installation and drainage. Such as:

  • Wood chips – for perimeters
  • Playground Wood Chips – Double ground for safety
  • A wide range of mulches for planting beds, trees and perimeters
  • Screened Loam and Compost – Fill in yard ruts or complete lawn installations.
  • Crushed Stone, River Stone – For drainage, backfilling
  • Stone Dust – Paver installations and other usages.

We deliver to Medway and surrounding towns. Please see our Price Chart for details.

When your ready to order please Contact Us to get started.

We also offer an easy to use online Mulch Calculator to help you determine how much to order. You’ll need to measure your area to be mulched and come up with a total Square footage to enter.

We can help with all your landscaping material needs. Please Contact Us with any questions.